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Award Winning Products

Our CBD products have won awards at the CBD Live awards and even nomintaed in the World CBD Award... not that we are bragging (ok maybe a little)

5 Star Truspilot Reviews

We are beyond honored to have all 5 star reviews ( and one pesky 4 star) on Trustpilot, Happy Customers are at the cnret of everyhting we do.

Results Driven Ingredients

You won't find any ingredients there for the sake of it, everything we added is there to give you the very best outcome from your product.

Our Mission

Here at Planthaya we are on a mission to help you enjoy the life you've worked so hard to create to the fullest.

Life's stresses and responsabilities often leave us stressed, drained and unabe to actually enjoy the life we have created for ourselves. When trying to access the supplement market as a consumer we found ourselves HUGELY overwhelmed by the sheer choice and knowledge needed to make a purchase a product meant to helping create clam in our life.

We commited oursleves to creating products that support your wellness, in the most simple and convenient way so you can get back to enjoying your life to the fullest.

Best-selling Products

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