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About Planthaya

There was a point in life when adulting was really beginning to kick my a$£ , in a society where we can have it all my body didn't seem to get the memo. I developed an unhealthy strive , succeed,  crash and burn cycle, and at times I really thought there was something seriously wrong with me . Terrible memory , lack of focus, migraines , aches , pains but blood tests revealed nothing .

A friend suggested trying CBD and this was a turning point for me, I realised that my hectic lifestyle was causing havoc with my body and i needed a helping hand to re-balance, and thats exactly what CBD did. I felt the effects really quickly and after a few weeks of daily use i felt better than I had in a long time .

Im all about self-care , but i needed some self care that fitted in my bag and my lifestyle.

 This was were the problem lay, the technical jargon , the different strengths , conflicting information it was so hard to navigate the CBD market. We loved CBD so much we wanted to share it with everyone and began to sell products online produced by various brands.

Unfortnatley we watched our customers having the same issue I did in navigating products and information , to find what works for them.

And so Planthaya products were born.

We have spent a lot of time  working on our brand to create something that from seed to bottle is the highest quality. Looking for the perfect farm with the best farming and quality practices, to processing that was about the perfect CBD product rather than creating another fad product to intrigue the mases. 

We got rid of all the unnecessary variants and products that overwhelmed our customers and came up with a simple product line that had something to suit everyone. 

To top this off even our labelling took months of research , making sure we not only had the information to ensure we were following all necessary gudelines and legislation , but also made it easy to navigate , understand choose and use.

And the result, a product that is simple to choose and easy to use.



Amazing company, always there for all your questions :)


I just love the product full stop!! I'm so happy with the results!! Both os us feel the same it's a real game changer.


If your an anxious and nervous Nancy like me then I can't recommend CBD enough. It gives me clarity, calmness and really helps with my sleeping pattern.


CBD drops , Excellent product and service, plus very helpful with lots of advice.


Fast delivery, great honest advice , highly recommend this company


I use Cbd rub from Planthaya for so many things from aches and pains to spots , works quickly and easily, and always so easy to order .


"Planthaya from seed to bottle is the highest quality. A product that is easy to use and simple to choose from a brand you can trust "