is my Sunday night dread something more

Wellness | Is my Sunday night dread something more ? and tips for shifting your mindset.

Is my Sunday night dread something more

Wellness | Is my Sunday night dread something more ? and tips for shifting your mindset.

There is nothing quite like the feeling of Sunday night dread , it has a way of creeping in and spoiling the end of the weekend and creating an awful start to the new week. Sunday night dread is very common , but how do you know when that Sunday night anxiety is something more than not wanting to go back to the office, and what can you do to help?

Not wanting the weekend to end is something most of us feel , we are enjoying our families and friends , the lazy mornings , the late nights and being in control of our destiny , albeit for 48 hours . But Sunday night anxiety can be a form of anticipatory anxiety, this type of anxiety is characterised by the overwhelming feeling of dread about something that is due to happen, in this case the week ahead.

So how do you know the difference , not wanting the weekend to be over is very much expected, and happens to all of us. However, if these thoughts start to manifest into a concern or even a fear that occupies your thoughts at length, or starts to hinder your day and mood, you could be experiencing anticipatory anxiety , other signs that may be more than just missing your lie in could be,

​​Symptoms include :

  • Hyperventilating.
  • Chest pain.
  • Muscle spasms.
  • Rumination.
  • Difficulty concentrating.
  • Feelings of apprehension.

Carrying the weight of this type of dread can have a negative impact on your stress levels, physical recuperation, social lives and mental health, it can also have a negative effect on your sleep, leaving you  exhausted for the week ahead and less able to deal with the stress of normal daily life.

Now a toxic work environment , workplaces putting an unrealistic amount of pressure on their employees can all contribute to Sunday night dread , and if this is the case it may be time to look elsewhere for a new role.

However if this is not the case here are some tips to turn around the Sunday night dread and give you tools against Sunday night anxiety 


  1. Change the narrative, Sunday night dread is usually caused by waiting for the Monday Blues , so let's change your Monday so there is nothing to dread . I did this a few years ago. Mondays are my favorite day now. They are like a new beginning , like the 1st of January every single week. Decide your Mondays are a new opportunity,  a new chance to do something you love, to reach for your goals ! If you see your Monday as a wonderful opportunity instead of something to hate your regaining not one but two days that were filled with dread.

  1. Be prepared , use your Sunday morning to organise your week , get your diary in order, your to-do list straight , iron your uniforms, make your lunches whatever you have to do to feel organised for your week ahead. Once this is all done you don't have it hanging over you and you can get on with enjoying your Sunday .

  1. Do something nice for yourself , use Sunday night to do something you love , movie night , pamper or reading a good book , end your week on a good note and you'll start your week on a good note.

  1. Get yourself some Balance , CBD's calming effect can help not only reduce feelings of stress and anxiety , making it a little easier to implement those things above , but also helps you get a great night's sleep ready to start your week fresh.

Maybe you won’t be thrilled at the thought of your lovely weekend ending , but perhaps you may be able to reframe your thoughts so you're not losing a pressure day each week to Sunday night dread. 

If your anxiety is having a significant effect on your ability to partake in daily life , then you should speak to a medical professional who will be able to give you appropriate advice and support to manage , the tips above are not medical advice and should not be treated as such .


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