Here at Planthaya we have always seen Wellness as an accumulation of small decisions that have a positive impact on your mind, body and life , and although our CBD products are for sure one of those positive decisions, there may be other ways you can support your wellness journey .
We have compiled some businesses and services that offer various support, we have personally spoken to all before they are added to our site so we have faith in what they do .
Want to nominate someone to be added drop us a message .

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Roks Therapy

Online and in person appointments
I’m a sport therapists who helps people deal with chronic pain, injuries, stress and other muscular skeletal issues through hands on treatment and educating clients. The aim is to help people understand their issues more so they can treat them better, and move in a better direction to be pain and injury free.
I’m based in Bootle Industrial Park, Liverpool

You can contact me at, my socials @rokstherapy or by phone 07538935107

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Maureen Gildea Therapies & Wellbeing    

As a therapist and wellbeing practitioner I completely believe in the mind - body connection. 

Complementary Therapist providing (face to face sessions)

  • Massage
  • Reflexology
  • Reiki
  • Indian Head Massage
  • Aromatherapy
  • Chakra balancing & sound bath

 Wellbeing Practitioner providing (face to face and Online)

  • Emotional Freedom Technique (known as tapping)
  • Mindfulness for Stress, Mindfulness for Health
  • Quantum Holographic Echo Technique
  • Mental Health First Aider
  • Counselling Skills

 My background is in cancer services and have extensive experience supporting people affected by cancer, including family members. All of the therapies I provide can be adapted to suit anyone living with or beyond cancer. 

Location Liverpool 14


Telephone: 07766515253

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Readysetgo Success and Wellbeing

121 Counselling and  Therapeutic Coaching Services.

Counselling for people suffering with MH issues such as Stress, Depression, Anxiety, Addiction, OCD, PTSD

Therapeutic Coaching for professional females looking to bring about positive change to their lives, business, careers and relationships.

Based online via zoom.

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Your Time 2 Change

Both - 121 sessions or Zoom 

I help people reconnect with the confidence they were born with to become unstoppable. 

Based Maghull and Albert Dock - Liverpool

 07770 685455 


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Over The Bloody Moon
Over The Bloody Moon supports women, their family and colleagues through perimenopause. They run Masterclasses of various symptoms associated with hormone imbalance, Support Classes for mums and teens, and their partners as well as a unique digital self-care platform that provides tips from global wellness and lifestyle experts and authors. By being informed and equipped, women can own and lead their change.
Join in the conversation
@overthebloodymoon on Insta and Facebook
Visit the website to see our Class listings & self-care support -
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Reflect Financial 

My name is Ruth Downs & i am a financial adviser for Reflect Financial Limited. If you are concerned about anything to do with your financial wellbeing and need a bit of friendly confidential financial advice, please get in touch.  I can help you plan for your retirement, protect you and your family and help you with any investment plans you may want to make. []