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The Self care club podcast placeholder

Self Care Club 


The advice for self-care today is endless and can be yet another overwhelming job for women. Part reality, part experiment, this podcast tests out self-care, so you don’t have to.  - from menstrual cups to face yoga!


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Popsugar channel


Youtube channel 

From hip-hop dance classes to high intensity interval training, POPSUGAR Fitness offers an endless variety of workout classes and fitness tutorials . They also feature workouts with special guest Celebrity Trainers like Kayla Itsines and Megan Roup.


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Brene brown on FFTS Podcast placeholder

Brene Brown on FFTS.

Podcast episode

 In this ep she talks about strategy for showing up in tough first times V tapping out and shutting down. When we get to the point that we only do things that we’re already good at doing, we stop growing. And truly living.


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Netflix headspace series placeholder

Headspace Guide to Meditation.

I really loved this cute , animated series by Headspace . Im a meditation lover already , but was a fresh take and made it really easy to do before bed .Headspace takes a friendly, animated look at the benefits of meditation while offering techniques and guided meditations to jump-start your practice.


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Talk twenites podcast episode link placeholder

Talk twenties Thriving amidst uncertainty with Jay Stone.

Podcast episode

Through her work as a Change Coach, Jay supports people to create clarity amidst uncertainty. Be ready to take on 2021 by listening to this episode!


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Happy place podcast episode link placeholder

Fearne Cotton with Pandora Sykes.

Podcast episode.

Pandora Sykes has been wrestling with our obsession with wellness to see if we're taking it all a bit too seriously?



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White wolf yoga youtube video link placeholder

White Wolf Yoga, Yoga For Hip & Lower Back Release - YouTube.


With lots of WFH going on right now, we probably aren't all living our best posture life, this flow is dthe perfect way to loosen up.


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Delicisouly ella podcast episode link placeholder

Deliciously Ella , how to build a happy, healthy brain.


Can we build a healthy brain? Are there psychological and lifestyle factors that impact on our brain’s functioning and therefore our wellbeing?



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Happy place podcast episode placeholder link

Fearne cotton with my absolutely favourite author , Gabby Bernstein .


The bestselling author joins fangirl ( fan girl here to)Fearne  to discuss superattactors, rewriting your story, tuning out the noise, the resistors in your life.


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Happiful article link placeholder

Happiful How to love your body with chronic illness by Jenna Farmer.

Podcast episode.

How can those of us with chronic illnesses learn to love our body, rather than feeling at war with it?