Why happiness is not a destination.

Why happiness is not a destination.

Happiness sis not a destination

Wellness | Why happiness is not a destination and how to change how you view it.



Happiness is not a destination .

We are always on that happiness journey , waiting until we reach that pinnacle moment when we are HAPPY!! When we hear the birds sing clearer than before , when the rain stops , the clouds part and that infinite sunshine will shine down on us .

From this moment on we made it , we no longer have to chase things to make us happy , we have arrived !!


Reality ….. Happiness is something we have to actively choose , it's not the final destination , it's not an accumulation of years of work , it's not handed to us by someone else and certainly can not be bought .


Happiness is choosing how we feel in each and every situation in our day , happiness is the ability to see the good things around us, even when it feels dark , happiness is being in control of our own thoughts , feelings and actions… happiness is an inside job.


Each and every day we have to work on our happiness, we have to create an environment within ourselves and around ourselves that allows happiness to thrive .

Creating a happiness toolbox so to speak, of things we can use to support ourselves during those times we really need it .


This isn't to say there will not be days when things are hard , when not so great things happen , when we feel emotions that aren't what we would see as positive , but true happiness is the ability to come out the other side of these things is too see the little rays of light in any situation and choose to focus and grow those . 

We don't have to be scared of negative situations and feelings we are human after all , we don't have to pretend they don't exist , what we have to do, to maintain our own happiness, is being able to work through these. To acknowledge that these things exist, and that its ok . To allow them to be , use them to work on ourselves and pass through to the other side .


Happiness is part of the journey not the destination.



Founder Stacey


Stacey is the founder of Planthaya , a wellness and mindset lover with a passion for supporting others. You can follow Stacey over on Instagram https://instagram.com/iama_badass

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