The lunar cycles, how they effect your mind and using them to your advantage !

The lunar cycles, how they effect your mind and using them to your advantage !

Wellness | The lunar cycles, how they effect your mind and using them to your advantage !

Wellness | The lunar cycles, how they effect your mind and using them to your advantage !



Living with the moon.

I have always had a love of the moon. The way it shines, the way it changes size, and it can give you some amazing photos. 


But have you heard how the moons powers and energies can affect your mood and emotions throughout its cycle and how understanding the cycle can show you how work with the energies to your advantage? This is a concept I have been reading about and living by for nearly a year now and let me tell you, it has changed so much.


Firstly, if this is a brand-new concept you may think I’m crazy, but did you know that it is the moons gravitational pull that affects the ocean and seas tides. As the moon orbits around the Earth, its gravitational pull creates a tidal pull where the waters on earth bulge towards the moon giving us high and low tides. So is the thought that the moon giving off different energies such a crazy concept?


The moon makes beautiful pictures


Lunar cycle.


So what does the lunar cycle look like? The cycle is around 29.5 days long. The cycle starts with the new moon and grows through each stage to full moon then shrinks back to new moon again to start the cycle over. The way I like to look at the lunar cycle and how our energies are affected is simple. As the moon grows to full moon so does our energy, once a full moon has happened and It slowly starts to shrink down again, yes, you guessed it, our energy starts to deplete. The full moon phase is probably the most well-known phase of the cycle so let look into each phase.



Lunar Cycle

-The new moon phase is when the moon, sun and earth are all aligned with the moon in the middle. Not visible to us but still there, this is the start of each cycle.

-The waxing crescent phase is where we see a thin glimpse of moon. This is the start of the growing phase.

-The waxing first quarter phase (half-moon). Half-way to full moon and a quarter way through the cycle.

-The waxing gibbous phase is the phase you may look at the moon and think is it a full moon or not? We’re not quite there yet.

-The full moon. Half-way through the cycle, energy at its peak and the moon in the sky full and bright in all its glory.

-The waning gibbous phase is when the moon starts its shrinking phase. Slowly getting smaller and smaller each night. Reflecting that with our energies starting to decrease at each stage.

-The waning last quarter (half-moon). Three quarters through the cycle and back to half-moon.

-The waning crescent phase may be difficult to see the very last slither of moon in the sky before it disappears from sight for the next few nights.



Working with the lunar cycle.


When I started to read about the lunar cycle and how our emotions, feelings and motivation can reflect what’s happening with the moon’s energies, I started to notice similarities month on month. Now, what works for me and how I use the moons energies may not work for you and you may have different emotions at different times of day. What I did and would say is the simplest thing is add a section to your journal each day or every few days just writing a bit about your emotions and how motivated you’re feeling.


For me I noticed that towards the end of the cycle probably around the last quarter and waning crescent, that good old self-doubt would slowly return. I would start to feel mentally drained and just not have the motivation to carry on with any projects or studying I was doing. Before reading about the lunar cycle I would push through and become more and more exhausted, feeling guilty for wanting to have a lazy day or have a few nights of no studying. Using the lunar cycle has allowed me to understand that just as the moon relaxes and shrinks towards the end of its cycle, I too should be allowed with no guilt to have a few days or an evening of chill time.


I also found that after giving myself these few days, I was recharged and fully ready to attack any tasks or projects with all my energy.



Moon rituals.


I use the new moon and full moon for my rituals. Again this is personal preference and many people have set rituals for every phase of the cycle, some will use new, quarter, last quarter, and full moon phases. See what feels good and benefits you, but there is no right or wrong way to follow the lunar cycle and have your rituals.

New Moon \ Full Moon Rituals


So here is just a few ideas of how I follow the new moon and full moon and how I use the energy in my life.


The new moon is all about the start. New beginnings, new goals, and intentions. I like to light a candle, get my journal out and have a think of what I’d like to achieve. I’m a blogger and I study. I will write what essays I have to complete and brainstorm some blog ideas as well as any other goals I may have. I scribble some affirmations that I feel called to have written and then do a visualising meditation. Visualising how Laura at the next new moon will feel, what will she have accomplished. I also look at what I don’t want to carry forward.


Between now and the full moon I massively feel a surge in energy and motivation. I push myself to get busy with my goals and intentions, but still listen to your body and take care of yourself when you need.


The full moon I like to look at as my check in with myself point. From my goals and intentions that you set at the new moon, check in on yourself, how are you getting on? Is there anything you don’t feel called to continue doing or anything you feel you need to switch up? Small changed can be beneficial but if like me you probably find your emotions are a little wild and you don’t really want to make any drastic changes or decisions. Again I get myself comfy, light a candle and go through my journal looking at the intentions I set at the new moon. The moon is full in size and energy, so this is the perfect time to get your crystals charged. I lay mine out on my window-sill in my bedroom as the moon shines directly above here usually and let them soak up all the moonlight.


Now the full moon has been, and the moon is slowly decreasing in size and energy again this is where I find myself struggle with motivation and energy. Before I would continue pushing and end up exhausted. Now however I continue on with the smaller tasks I have left to complete, I look over my goals and think what I can leave till later (with no guilt) and what I still have the energy to complete. The biggest thing that has changed my outlook and mindset is the no guilt. We are humans with very busy lives. We need to allow ourselves some time to reflect, relax and step back sometimes.

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