Need a little lift ? 5 simple ways to boost your energy levels

Need a little lift ? 5 simple ways to boost your energy levels

How to boost your energy levels

Health | Need a little lift ? 5 simple ways to boost your energy levels 



The combination of Boris’s stay at home rules and the dreary cold winter weather has left us all feeling pretty bleak. It’s totally normal to be lacking in energy and motivation right now, but with the recent roadmap out of lockdown announcement, hopefully we can begin to see some light at the end of this (very long) tunnel. Longer days and lifting of restrictions meet with a little bit of spring-time sunshine and if your’e looking to put a bit pep back into your step here are 5 ways you can boost your energy levels and rid yourself of the lethargy.

Ways to boost our energy

  1. Fuel yourself with breakfast

If you didn’t already know, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Breaking the overnight fast, eating in the morning replenishes your glucose levels, leaving you energised and alert .Setting yourself up for the day with a healthy and filling breakfast will also provide you with vitamins and nutrients and stop you becoming distracted by those mid-morning hunger pangs.

  1. Get some exercise

Again, it’s no secret that exercise is great for your health. This can come in all shapes and sizes and regardless of your age or ability exercise is great for your body and the more active you are the more mitochondria your body will produce to meet your energy needs. What’s more, improving your endurance and muscle strength through exercise will also give you more energy and endurance to tackle daily tasks and chores.

3.Supplements- Chaga mushroom capsules

Adding a daily supplement to your diet can also be a great way to give you much needed energy boost. Planthaya Chaga Mushroom capsules are an adaptogenic capsule supplement which are packed full of essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients that help to boost your immune system and increase energy levels. Did you know? Getting your daily vitamins can also support eye health, healthy hair and skin and is great for your heart!

4.Drink more water

Everyone could benefit from drinking a little more H20. Dehydration lowers athletic abilities and can leave you feeling sluggish and slow. Drinking more water and increasing your hydration levels will help your body to function more efficiently and give you the energy to stay awake and alert, reducing fatigue and helping your concentration. 

5.Cut out the caffeine

Whilst caffeine does help to increase alertness in the short term, and can give the effect of sharpening your mind, you may want to be careful about when you consume it. Particularly when consumed in large amounts after 2 P.M caffeine can cause insomnia, which ultimately will leave you sleep and energy deprived. It can also be the cause of feelings of sluggishness when the effects of the alertness is provides wear off, so if your’e looking to be energised all day, maybe avoid it in large amounts.




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