Nature Connection and Green Exercise for Wellbeing.

Nature Connection and Green Exercise for Wellbeing.

Nature Connection and Green Exercise for Wellbeing.

Hey Planthaya Community it’s Michael VJ Jones here representing our wider ‘Nature Connection World’ Community for this guest blog.
OK so as I’m writing this we are at the beginning of UK Mental Health Awareness Week 2020 and although I love this years theme of ‘Kindness’ I will be showing my support in the context of how Connecting with Nature and Engaging in Physical Activities in Natural Environments are Good for Health & Wellbeing.

Nature Connection and Green Exercise NOW

‘Stay at Home’

During these times of less travel (we all know what time of life I’m referring to) I started off with a ‘Stay at Home’ style of doing exercise in my house while looking out of my window with good views of nature via sky gazing at the clouds and the birds and also looking at the trees and plants in my garden. Also doing gardening itself is Brilliant and barefoot walking on the grass (also known as Earthing or Grounding) is Awesome too and I have done this everyday during these tough times and for many years before too.

‘Stay Local’

I have also chosen to ‘Stay Local’ this Spring and have been walking to my nearest parks and green spaces for my initial one hour daily outdoor exercise where there are lots of trees. Even as I write this and we are all encouraged to spend more than one hour outdoors I have opted to ‘Stay Local’ because I’m Very Happy with the Nature Places on The Wirral where I live - especially during the Spring/Summer time.

Nature Connection and Green Exercise STYLES

I have two main styles I suppose so for the purpose of this blog I call them ‘Earthing’ and ‘Trees’ and from a Health & Wellbeing point of view there are so many benefits that I don’t want to focus on any of them in particular.


I like to walk barefoot on grass / soil / mud / rocks / sand / sea - this is known as ‘Earthing’ or ‘Grounding’ to get ‘good’ bacteria from the soil and mud called ‘Mycobacterium vaccae’ and ‘Electrons’ / ’Negative ions’ from the Earth / Ground - I have found many Health & Wellbeing benefits of ‘Earthing’.


Walking amongst Trees or Sauntering amongst Trees is known as ‘Shinrin-Yoku’ in Japan and translates to ‘Forest Bathing’ in English. Trees produce essential oils called ‘Phytoncide’ to protect themselves from harmful insects and germs. These Phytoncides have been shown to be Good for Human Health and Wellbeing so the ‘bathing’ part of forest bathing is not about chilling in a lake in the woods - it’s about taking in the whole forest atmosphere and bathing in the phytoncides from the trees. Trees in urban parks are good if you can’t get to a larger woodland or forest.

Nature Connection World

Thanks for reading my guest blog and I would encourage you to Google any of the interesting concepts I have shared and connect with me via all the usual social media platform and have a look at our community on Nature Connection World too

iWishYouWell Planthaya Community

Michael VJ Jones

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