Mind | Why is meditation so valuable for your mental health and how to get started

Mind | Why is meditation so valuable for your mental health and how to get started


Mind | Why meditation is valMeditation blog image uable for your mental health and how to get started.



Meditation is such a powerful tool to have in your life and I would recommend it to anyone. Have you always wanted to meditate but felt overwhelmed with it, how to begin and what actually is meditation?

I started meditating on and off about eight years ago. I started when I was pregnant with my first child, it helped me to relax when i was going to sleep. Over the past few years meditating is something I practice on a daily basis and I couldn't imagine not having it as part of my daily routine. One thing I absolutely love about meditating is that you can just switch off know matter how long your practice lasts and become lost in your mediation bubble. For me meditation allows me to reset myself, calm my mind and is a very important part of my well-being.


What is meditation?

Meditation is a mind and body practise that increases calmness and physical relaxation. It can help with illness, anxiety, stress, high blood pressure, insomnia, pain, IBS amongst other conditions. Meditation is to help focus attention and alter states of consciousness, having a positive impact on your mental state and well-being.


Starting my own meditation practice.

Since i started meditating it has really helped my mind and well-being. I practice just before bedtime everyday. My practice times vary depending on how I feel, sometimes up to an hour. There are lots of different meditations i listen to, from relaxing music to visualisations but more often than not i listen to guided meditations to help me relax and i usually fall asleep. Meditating before bed really helps me have a great night's sleep.

Now and again I like to practice in the morning. This is usually around 5-10 minutes and is a guided meditation. I always notice that when I practice in the morning it sets me up for the day and puts me in a positive state of mind making my day more productive. It doesn't always go to plan sometimes the kids disturb me or i over sleep through my alarm but hey that life and we need to be kind to ourselves and not put pressure on ourselves to mediate if you don't feel like it then don't do it. I would strongly recommend trying it daily as you will really notice a change in your life.

My go to app for meditations is Insight timer, there are thousands of meditations on there and you can upgrade for courses in meditation.

My top five tips for getting started with meditation

  1. Always do what works for you, don't put pressure on yourself.

  2. Find an app like insight timer, headspace or calm to help you find the perfect meditation.

  3. You can choose the way you meditate by walking and listening to one. By just simple deep breathing, listening to relaxing music or a guided meditation.

  4. Make sure your meditation space is quiet, there are no distractions, low lighting or light some candles. You can even take a walk in nature.

  5. Start off by practising a few minutes a day and build it up. Find your feet with it and what works for you.

Always remember , like anything Meditation is a personal thing , and there is no right or wrong way , Just make sure your practice feels good for you


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