Is your skin trying to tell you something, how issues with your skin can be signalling problems elsewhere.

Is your skin trying to tell you something, how issues with your skin can be signalling problems elsewhere.

Is your skin trying to tell you something, how issues with your skin can be signalling problems elsewhere.

Health | Is your skin trying to tell you something, how issues with your skin can be signalling problems elsewhere.



How many of you are aware that our skin is the biggest organ in our body? It is so important that we look after our skin through a good diet teamed a good morning and evening skincare routine.


The skin is always communicating with us and how certain everyday things like our diet, health and habits impact our bodies. Face mapping is a revolutionary tool that helps provide insights of what is going on in our bodies through the analysis of our skin. Face mapping stems from ancient chinese medicine. The theory behind it is that each section of the face corresponds to specific internal parts of our body and how our body is functioning. 

I want to discuss with you the different areas of our face and how you can help balance your skin with the correct diet, lifestyle  and skincare routine. This can take time to find the right balance and work out what works for you and what doesnt.


The forehead represents our digestive and bladder system. This means that your body maybe allergic to something, your body isn't digesting your food properly or that you could be suffering from constipation. Your skin maybe feeling dehydrated and breaking out.

TIP- First things first the best way to start helping with these problems is to drink lots of water at least 2 litres a day, eat wholefoods and fibre in your diet and write a food diary so you can track what you are eating and try and see if there is a pattern on when your skin is breaking out, is there a certain food contributing to it. 

In between your brows

This represents our liver function. Liver issues could be due to poor sleep pattern or lack of sleep, high amounts of sugar and alcohol in your system. Also heightened emotions like stress, sadness and worry can all be contributing factors. Breakouts are common in this area if it imbalances along with dryness and psoriasis.

TIP- Meditation and yoga will help to keep your stress levels balanced and help you with sleep patterns. Try to aim for 6-8 hours of good quality sleep per night. Eliminate or reduce lots of sugar, processed food and alcohol from your diet. Again drink plenty of water, water is amazing for our bodies and skin. Take a relaxing bath with lavender and camomile essential oils (always use the correct dosage). Drinking herbal teas such as chamomile before bedtime to help you relax.

The eye area

The eyes are the window to our body's health, they represent our kidneys and liver area. Dark circles can be hereditary and also due to lack of sleep, smoking, poor diet and environmental factors. The skin can appear dehydrated and fine lines can appear around the eye due to lack of moisture in the skin. Puffiness in the eye area can be due to excess alcohol, poor sleep patterns, smoking or allergies.

TIP- lots of leafy greens in your diet, avoid too much alcohol and salts in your diet. Make sure your getting 6-8 hours of good quality sleep. Use a good quality eye cream (here are some i recommend that  you can purchase from us)

Keep your eye cream in the fridge to help reduce puffiness and apply only a rice grain size to the eye contour. Gently tap into the skin and using your ring fingers create small circles around the eye area to perform some lymphatic drainage daily when applying your cream. Once a week apply a soothing eye mask. I have recommended one below.


Our nose represents our heart. Little pimples on the nose area and redness could indicate early signs of rosacea, high blood pressure or poor circulation. Also external factors like extreme weather conditions can also lead to redness and dryness around the nose area for example if you have a job outside or a horse rider. Excessive amounts of alcohol can also lead to broken capillaries and redness on the nose area.

TIP- You may want to get your blood pressure and cholesterol checked by your GP. Gentle daily exercise like walking to keep your circulation good. Be kind to yourself, take time for some selfcare give your heart some TLC. take a nice bath and relax. As for your skincare routine, look at products to help repair your skin barrier and protect your skin with a good barrier cream and wear SPF daily. I've listed some recommendations below.


Our cheeks represent our respiratory system, stomach and colon area. Breakouts, dryness and redness/ fine broken capillaries in these areas can indicate overeating, absorption of nutrients, lung problems or how your  metabolism is working. People who smoke can suffer with some of these signs and also anyone with allergies.

TIP- Healthy balanced diet, drink 2-3 litres of water a day, breathing exercising, yoga and meditation. Fibre and wholegrains in your diet will help with regular bowel movements keeping your colon and stomach in tip top condition. Add some vitamin c in your skincare routine to brighten your skin and regularly exfoliate 2-3 times a week. This will help with the circulation in your skin.

Chin, Jawline and around our mouth area

This area represents our hormones and digestive area.  Breakouts around the jawline and chin area can be more cystic, red, inflamed and can be painful to touch. This can indicate poor diet, or for us women PCOS or gynecological problems, time of the month. 

TIP- If you’re constantly suffering from painful,cystic breakouts maybe seek some medical advice from your GP to check if there are no underlying health issues. Make sure your having a balanced diet, drinking plenty of water and also cutting back on caffeine. Regular exercise can help with our hormones and look at vitamins that can help balance your hormones such as agnes castus. A good morning and evening skincare routine to help keep your skin balanced.  

So the old saying that beauty comes from within is very true. Look after yourself from within and your skin with glow.

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I'm Emily a bContributor emily skincareeauty salon owner with over 17 years in the beauty industry. I specialise in advanced skincare, micro skin needling and semi-permanent makeup. I am extremely passionate about my work and love making my clients look and feel amazing


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