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Gratitude is the best attitude

Giving thanks is the best way to start your day. Be thankful for a fresh new day and your health. Also, at the end of the day it is important to look back on the day and give thanks for all the things that have happened (your car taking you places, your family, food). 

Everyday I write at least 1 thing I am grateful for. The more we give thanks the more we get back. Want a new job? Be thankful for the job that you are in.  

As we look around us we can realise how blessed we are. 

For example, when we see people living on the streets we are grateful for our home, when it rains we can be thankful for all the things that are growing and appreciate beautiful sunny days. 


We are lucky in so many ways therefore it is important to look around us and think about this. Being grateful changes your mindset and can flip negative thoughts into positive ones . We can do this by appreciating what we have instead of focusing on what we don’t have. 


For example instead of complaining about lack of money change it to being grateful for the money you have (no matter how small) and all the money you have had in the past. 

We can even be grateful for our bodies, they do so much for us e.g. walk, see, smell, breathe etc do you ever appreciate how amazing each bone, muscle and organ is? 



Sarah Anderson (Manifesting Mentor)

I have been studying the Law of attraction for the past 4 years. I am a Law of attraction coach and mentor. I do personalised 1 to 1 sessions which includes how to use gratitude in your life to help you manifest things.




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