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Could snoozing your alarm be affecting your mood?

By Magari by Stacey 

I joined a few months back the 5am club , well 5.30 if we are being honest, and I felt amazing for it . Now ive never been a morning person , and I suppose im still not really .

I get up at 5.30am , I have time to myself reading and drinking tea in the quiet, I have time to tidy up and catch up on all my social media messages and comments, and get posts ready to go . 7am , it's time to get my baby up and ready for school and I have already achieved so much and have the time to be patient with him , make his breakfast and chat about all the random things he wants to chat about . 

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Rewind a year , my mornings where not like this , I would set my alarm , snooze it 10 times get up at the last possible minute and then run around the house like a headless chicken , being a very shouty Mum because I just didn’t have the time to be calm collected Mum , and I had to fit all the things I now fit into 3 hours into 1.5 It didn’t leave any wiggle room to chat about youtubers, when we should be getting dressed and I was trying to get all my admin done at the same time.


Now since starting the 5 am club , I've had several relapses , it is so tempting sometimes to stay in bed and get up later, because I can , snooze that alarm several times, and once I start this habit it's hard to drag myself back to getting up early even though I know I feel better for it.

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As I’ve got used to getting up early and not pressing that snooze button, It highlights to me the problems that snooze buttons causes.


  1. The thoughts immediately before and after I hit that snooze , go something like this: “I don't want to get up “ I’m too tired “ “ Why do I have to get up” “I wish I could stay in bed all day “ . now can you see the theme here ?? .. the stream of negative inner chat before I have even opened my eyes and stepped foot out of the bed. I’ve spoke about it many times before but starting the day on the right foot it so important, starting it with 30 minutes or an hour of negativity is going to drag your mood and energy as low as possible before the day has even begun , times this by 5 times a week and this is starting to have a real long term effect.


  2. Getting up at the last possible second in the morning , takes away your ability to slowly and calmly begin your day, the minute you step out of bed your day starts , your diving straight into that to do list , the things that have to be done , getting the kids and yourself ready ,  the cooking, the cleaning , chores , daily life starts the second your feet touch the floor and your day starts in a rush and panic trying to regain time. Starting the day on the right foot in a calm manner brings on a completely different day start to the day calmly and positively as opposed to hectic and rushed.

  3. Having that time to yourself in the morning is great for your overall mental health and mindset for that day . I choose to do something that I love , reading in the quiet , only half an hour to myself eases me slowly into day the day and ensures some self care before the day even begins . I noticed when I take this away my mood is different, my energy lacks and my ability to get past other negatives and roadblocks in the day is diminished.

  4. 3 hours v 1.5 hours, it's a no brainer , I get so much more done in that 3 hours than I ever can in that 1.5 hours . I usually make a to-do list for first thing in the morning before my child has even got out of bed ive caught up on work , cleaned up and made breakfast. This flows in to the rest of the day , I am so much more productive in the day when I've started my day in a productive manner.


you snooze you loose quote sleep


Sleep is great , I mean I love it !! but after seeing the difference in my mood, productivity , my energy and calmness in the whole house , I think twice before I hit that snooze button these days , I know its an active choice , if I hit it I know it will affect not only my morning , but my mood , and my energy and productivity for the whole day its my choice , and it's yours.



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