CBD & Sleep | CBD Tea and getting a good nights sleep

CBD & Sleep | CBD Tea and getting a good nights sleep


CBD & Sleep | CBD Tea and getting a good nights sleep.


Life is hectic .. at times ! and one thing I always found hard was getting to the end of a day and switching off to sleep . Now its not to say I wasn't exhausted , I mean we live in a world we can have it all, and I wanted it all so by bed time I felt like I would sleep for a week .... only as soon as I lay down it felt like an impossibility to get settled to sleep, and two seconds later it was time to get up and i spent the next day exhausted.

Stress and anxiety can often be huge trigger in your inability to fall asleep and maintain healthy sleep cycles .

So how do we get a good nights sleep ?

Some of us , me included needed a helping hand , and thats were CBD came in, I wanted to avoid pharmaceutical sleep aids , but I also needed a good nights sleep.

One benefit of CBD oil , and CBD tea in particular is it can help you get a good nights sleep.

Having a small dose of CBD during the day can help to promote alertness and reduce feelings of sleepiness during the waking hours, whilst having a dose before bed can help to promote a more deep sleep...... in turn re-enforcing your bodies natural wake sleep cycle.

How does CBD benefit your sleep cycle ?

Our body’s endocannabinoid system is in charge of regulating sleep patterns, appetite and general mood. Our bodies already produce cannabinoids in its regulation of emotion and sleep – ingesting CBD can trigger the release of more.

CBD can therefore stabilise how we sleep , encouraging a deeper sleep and in turn feeling more rested when we do wake .


Planthaya recommends :

Use your Balance CBD drops adding it to some hot water , Lemon and lemongrass. You can also add your drops to your favourite herbal tea.

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