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Beginning a Mindfulness routine | Mindfulness during isolation.

Mind |Beginning a Mindfulness routine.


Hi, Stacey here! A spiritual and wellbeing enthusiast. In my spare time I like to spread some positive and spiritual vibes over on social media, aiming to promote deeper thinking and inspire people to incorporate more internally focused practices into their lives. 

For the past 10 years, I have tried to include mindfulness in most parts of my life and know in these uncertain times they can really help with mental health and bring structure to a long day inside!

Mindfulness tips


What even is mindfulness?

Mindfulness can be something as small as checking your thoughts throughout the day and making sure you align them to a positive attitude. or as big as committing to changing your perspective and outlook on life through practices like meditation, yoga, spiritual development or journaling.


Who's it for?

You don't have to be a spiritual guru to practice any of the above, absolutely anyone can try their hand at incorporating mindfulness into their lives. It has brought me more peace of mind and contentment in life, especially during stressful periods.

Since I was a teenager I've always been into wellbeing and finding better ways to grow in life, not only in the physical sense but in the mental and spiritual. Taking time out to focus your mental wellbeing can help realign your thoughts and better equip you for life's daily challenges!


 Is it easy to do? 

Just like trying anything new, practice makes perfect! adding simple daily routines into your life like meditation can help set your day up on the right foot. Over time this will help you get into the routine of a more positive flow of life and greatly benefit the way you think, speak and react to stressful situations.


Is it expensive? 

They say the best things in life are free, and it's true! no matter what life throws at you, with strong wellbeing and a positive mental attitude, nothing is impossible and your perspective on life will always be a happy one. Practising mindfulness can be done anywhere in a variety of free ways! You don't have to go to yoga classes to do yoga, nor do you have to go on meditation courses, the beauty of the internet has it all. With platforms like YouTube and Spotify, you will be spoilt for choice on places to find guided meditations, workout sessions and more.




Why should I do it? What are the actual benefits?

One of the main benefits I’ve got from mindfulness and internal development is a new perspective on life. You see you can choose to look at the negative of the situation we are in at the moment, or you can choose to see it as an opportunity to grow. Lots of people now, understandably, are in a state of fear, stress and uncertainty with this virus. However, through practices like meditation, I have learnt to focus my thoughts on the positive and stop stressful thoughts dead in their tracks... for every time I think badly of a situation or person, I now flip that thought upside and try to find the learning or the positive from it.

Life as we know it may be changing, but I try to see the good that is coming from it. Countries unite to fight the pandemic; communities come together to look after one another, neighbours talking, singing, laughing and helping the vulnerable in need, the environment healing from our consuming ways.

You see, we have never been closer, never had this amount of time to focus on what's really important and truly appreciate this life we have.



Ok, how do I do it? 

Like I said above there are and an endless amount of ways to incorporating mindfulness and wellbeing into your life, I could type on for hours. If you are someone that can't sit still meditation might not be for you, but journaling might, if yoga is not your bag that's fine, any type of exercise can be good for calming the mind and focusing your thoughts, it's all about finding something that suits you, do your research. If you are feeling inspired give me a follow on Instagram where you will find all my the tips and tricks on looking after your wellbeing.


Stace x

Stacey Wildman | Designer | Wellbeing Blogger | Content Creator 


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