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Art and yoga is most definitely good for your mental health.

By Beverly Chapelhow


Hello, I am Beverley a visual artist and jewellery maker and designer. I own my own art studio and gallery business in the market town of Clitheroe in Lancashire, and I have a jewellery website on the handmade platform ‘The British Craft House’, Bevart designs.

 Art and yoga therapy

I teach art in the community to adults and children in a specialist unit, the young people have mental and sometimes physical disabilities.

 I love to draw paint and travel, I also really enjoy Pilates, Yoga and trying to keep fit, I tap dance and occasionally ride my bike. I love to experiment with art materials, and often use unconventional materials to create art. I love architecture, cities and the countryside and I see the world through artist eyes, I find the beauty in the most ordinary of things, like, peeling paint on an old battered door, or a small crack or chip in a little teacup. 


I have always painted and used materials to create artwork, I find it relaxing and therapeutic. I keep sketchbooks, if I find myself down the rabbit hole of doom, I go for a walk in a local woodland take my favourite ink pens and a sketch, listening to nature and being surround by the colour green helps me to restore. 

If you find yourself getting a little down or feeling lack lustre, then try to draw, the process is very cathartic and will help to steer your mind towards what’s in the moment.


I teach regular art workshops in Lancashire consisting of life drawing, landscape painting, and print making, where we use a variety of mixed media and materials.

 I also teach art in Spain with partners The Cave of Dreams, in the Andalusian region of Baza nr Granada. We provide a 7-day art retreat, all-inclusive, to include accommodation all your meals all your art materials, art tuition and airport pickups, we live in a cave for a week! It is a fantastic learning experience, where you can make friends for life 


More recently I have been in contact with a friend Suzanne, she is a dance movement and somatic yoga practitioner. Suzanne has worked with many professional organisation’s and we have teamed up together to bring you a Wellbeing, Art and Yoga retreat full day care package, we hope to expand into weekend art and creative yoga retreats, locally here in Lancashire.  We will begin the day with a relaxation and meditative process thinking about nothing but how you're feeling and relaxing in the moment, using coloured pastels to explore feelings and thoughts.  We will be having regular refreshment breaks; tea, coffee water and herbal teas alongside will some healthy snacks. We will be going on a nature walk, collecting things from nature sticks, twigs, leaves and stones to create a sculpture. Spinal movement work with Suzanne after lunch. Suzanne will demonstrate how the spine moves and works in relation to dance and yoga and then we will explore the shapes and movement using ink and some clay work. Just to feel and touch clay between your fingers will help you to relax, clay is very malleable. The afternoon will progress with stone stacking and drawing, looking at the vertebrae. Then it will be time for relaxation and meditation including some breathing techniques. The wellbeing day will end with a group discussion and farewells. On departure you will receive as a gift from us both as a thankyou in the form of a self-care pack. 

art and yoga retreat 

The Art and Yoga day is from 

10:00 AM till 4:00 pm 

Sunday 18th October 

Pendleton Village Hall, Clitheroe.

£60 per person.

Includes all art materials, refreshments and snacks.


Please bring along your own lunch and yoga mat (not essential) 

There will be plenty of breaks in between, we will keep the atmosphere quite calm and relaxing. You will make new friends and new connections with others and yourself.

 We will be mindful and careful, we will be contemplative, we will think, we will restore reboot and connect with ourselves, we will be creative, we will learn to let go of anxiety we won't be pressured, we can have time for our self. 

Covid measures will be put in place for your safety.


Be kind to yourself



You can find more from Beverly on Instagram at


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