Gut health, 6 types of food that could be making you gassy.

Gut health,6 types of food that could be making you gassy.

Gut health, 6 types of food that could be making you gassy.

Health | Gut health,6 types of food that could be making you gassy.

So it’s something we don't really want to admit too , and something no one really wants to talk about , but farts creep in at the worst possible moments .

Your farts ( even typing this makes me feel a little cringe to be fair) are a combination of two things: the air you swallow , perhaps when eating too quickly and the food you eat , and the food you eat.

Although farting is completely normal and healthy , it can be extremely inconvenient as well as hugely uncomfortable, and some foods may affect you more than others , that's because everyone harbours different bacteria in their gut , which are typically responsible for the gas you produce.

We might not be able to get personal here, but we have put together the most common offenders when it comes to getting gassy: 

  1. Broccoli and cauliflower -these are particularly high in fibre, a type of carb your body can't digest, the bacteria in the GI tract utilise fibre for energy but the by-product of their metabolism is gas.
  2. Oats and whole wheat - These whole grains make you gassy for the same reason the vegetables listed above do , due to them being high in fiber.
  3. Milk, cheese and yoghurt - Dairy contains a type of sugar called Lactose, many people have trouble digesting this due to insufficient amounts of enzymes called Lactase, which can lead to bloating or gas.
  4. Apples, bananas and peaches - So the body loves it some fruit , but if you notice feeling gassy afterwards it may be because of these particular fruits being high in fiber , and also a sugar called Fructose , and although not a common as with lactose some people are unable to break down this sugar causing theme to become gassy and bloated.
  5. Beans - Here we go it’s the same old story, high in fibre along with sugars your body can't digest (we are talking to you Raffinose)
  6. Fizzy water - Fizzy drinks can make you gassy because they cause you to swallow extra air which gets trapped in your GI tract, and once that air is trapped there is only one way out .. in the form of gas .

What should you do if you've got loads of excess gas ?

Making yourself aware of what foods your body struggles to digest , and making simple changes to give yourself a happy tummy.

You may want to try and keep a food log for a few weeks , suggests Dr.Poppers , write down what you eat and how it makes you feel. This may help you to pinpoint the culprit. Also take note of any other symptoms , like stomach pain and nausea , this way your doctor can rule out other things like irritable bowel syndrome. 

If you are looking for something to support great gut health in general take a look at our Mushroom supplement range , Studies show Lion’s Mane is able to change the composition and activity of the GI tract and microbiota, which in turn, is beneficial to our health (1.1) . Being a potent antioxidant, Chaga for gut health helps to scavenge free radicals and harmful oxidized molecules that can damage our DNA and cause inflammation. (1.2)


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