5 ways to use CBD for relaxation

5 ways to use CBD for relaxation

CBD for relaxation.

At the moment you have probably noticed CBD products are flooding the UK market , and one of the top reasons people are turning to CBD in there day to day life is for relief from stress and anxiety.

Navigating the many forms in which you can get your CBD oil can be somewhat confusing, So wether your looking to use CBD for anxiety or CBD for stress , we wanted to give you the low down on the top 5 ways to get the very best CBD effects.   

CBD drops 

CBD oil drops are probably one of the most popular ways of ingesting CBD . Its simply taken by using the dropper to place the oil under your tongue were you hold it for a minute , allowing the oil to disperse and be absorbed into the bloody stream. It is quick and effective , simple to use and easy to adjust how much take . Plus its easy to pop in your bag for on the go.

CBD tea

One huge side effect of stress and anxiety can be problems with sleep. CBD tea is ideal in cases of insomnia and other sleep disturbances, as it may help you to relax and in turn alleviate a restless nights sleep. CBD tea often contains ingredients such as chamomile and lemongrass , combined with CBD , making it the perfect before bed beverage for an over-all calming effect.

CBD Capsules

If an already busy life needs some calm, the CBD capsules are great way to get your daily dose. Pre-measured these capsules mean your getting a consistent and convenient dose of CBD. CBD has natural calming effect on the whole body , and by taking daily you can maintain CBD's calming effects.

CBD Balm 

As CBD has deep calming effect , it is perfect as part of a massage. Massage itself is known for relieve tension from the body and mind , combine this with CBD which helps to ease and relax your muscles and also enters the endocannibinoid system through the skin and your are left with an intense calming effect. You can incorporate this as part your post bath/shower routine, to self massage in places such as your shoulders and neck where tension is often held or for a sensual experience enlist a partner to help out .

CBD bath bomb 

CBD bath bombs are often combined with essential oils to create the ultimate calm and relaxation experience. A hot bath , combined with relaxing oils such as Lavender and Ylang ylang , plus the intense calming effect of CBD you will leave the bath with relaxed muscles ( were we often hold a lot of tension) and calm mind .


These are just some of the amazing products that contain CBD and how you choose is completely down to personal preference and what will work well in your own lifestyle , lots of people use a combination of products , or have just one that suits them perfectly, the potential to relaxation is endless.   


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