family sleeping peacefully sleep your way to better skin blog post

5 ways to sleep your way to healthier skin

Sleeping family peace . 5 ways to sleep your way to healthier skin blog post

Beauty | Want better skin , whilst you sleep ? Who doesn't right!



Your skin is probably one of the first things you notice about yourself when you look in the mirror, right? And because of this the condition and health of your skin can have a profound impact on the way you feel about your reflection. Skin troubles effect so many of us women and this has a real knock on effect on our self confidence. Getting a good night’s sleep is one way we can combat our skin woes and not only is rest great for our skin, it is essential for our overall wellbeing too. To effortlessly up your skin game overnight here are 5 tips to help you sleep you way to healthier skin.

  1. Humidify

The environment we drift off in can take it’s toll on our complexion, if you’ve ever fallen asleep in a room with air-con blasting then you’ll know what I’m talking about. Overnight H2O evaporates from the skin’s surface and dry skin can result in unwanted dullness and tightness. Using a humidifier in your bedroom before you sleep will put moisture back into the air, helping to curb that overnight moisture loss and keeping your skin fresh and hydrated.

  1. Sleep on your back if you can help it

Whilst I admit  that it may not be the comfiest way to sleep, laying on your back actually offers a whole host of benefits to your skin. This prevents your face from rubbing against the pillow which can potentially cause irritation and transfer bacteria and debris to your skin. Sleeping on your back will also help to reduce any puffiness or swelling you might see in the morning, especially around the cheeks and eyes; when you lie on your side, fluid can pool in these areas which may give you a temporary swell. Sleeping on your side can also leave you with ‘sleep lines’ which can become more noticeable after years of sleeping on the same side.

3.Perfect your evening skincare routine

Developing a skincare routine can take time to perfect, you may want to try out products from a number of different brands with a variety of ingredients and benefits to see which work best for you. Though this can be lengthly and complicated process, it’s really worth developing a strong evening skincare routine as this will prepare your skin to work overnight. If you have absolutely no idea where to start, thats completely ok! The basics you need will vary by skin-type, skin concern and age but will mostly always start with a cleanser to remove makeup, spf and clean the skin. A cleanse can then be followed by a good moisturiser and a facial oil. Choose products with ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid which aids skin cell hydration, giving you that dewy, healthy glow. And remember; less can sometimes be more, instead of just blindly piling on the creams, choose products carefully to make sure your skin is getting exactly what it needs for it night ahead.

  4.Night masks

Brining a whole new meaning to the phrase ‘beauty sleep’, overnight face masks are the perfect way to complete your evening skincare routine and give your skin a perfect pamper. Night masks are designed to help their ingredients penetrate deep into the skin, so depending on which type of mask you choose they can deliver benefits such as intense hydration, calming or brightening. During the night, our skin doesn’t sleep, its cells are constantly replicating and reproducing, an overnight mask can provide this cell turnover with a helping hand, locking in moisturise on the top of your skin rather than allowing it to escape. You can typically find an overnight mask to target any skin type or concern so make sure you listen to your skin and identify its needs. When choosing your mask, look for ingredients that will help target your skins needs to achieve maximum benefits.

  1. Satin Pillowcases

Sleeping on the right bed can make all the difference for a good night’s sleep right? But have you ever considered how the bedding and pillowcases can impact your sleep too? Choosing the right pillowcase can mean the difference between waking up with bright and healthy skin or skin thats dull and lacks firmness.

Satin pillowcases have so many benefits for the skin and for your hair too! The softness of the satin allows your face to glide against the pillowcase when you move around in the night; fabrics like cotton or flannel can cause friction which lead to the ‘sleep lines’ which I mentioned a little earlier. Satin will also allow your skin to breathe and won’t draw moisturiser like cotton does whilst you sleep (we know by now that staying hydrated at night is key!) This breathability will lead to the minimising of pores, increase of firmness and a reduction in irritation leaving you with your clearest complexion. This type of pillowcase is also great for your hair, eyebrows and lashes. Satin protects your fragile brows and lashes keeping them intact with minimal friction and minimises frizz and breakage of your hair. 

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There are so many great options to help sleep your way to better skin, but this isn’t an exhaustive list! You could also try cutting you caffeine and sugar intake before bed or reducing the amount of time you spend exposed to blue light (using your phone) before you sleep. Improving your confidence in your skin can take time and personally I strive for confidence rather than perfection. Realistically I know my skin can’t or won’t be perfectly clear and wrinkle free 100% of the time, perhaps it wont at all, but by trying new techniques and routines I know I can take steps in the right direction and have confidence that my skin is the best representation of me possible.





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