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10 uses for your Soothe CBD balm

By Stacey Pritchard


Is there anything better than getting a new product that everyone has been raving about , and finding that it actually works .

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Well there is, getting fabulous new products and finding it has sooo many uses.

We are going to talk about Soothe CBD balm , now if you're a follower of the CBD revolution you will have probably seen a million posts on the benefits of CBD , companies talking about CBD effects ,CBD side effects and sharing their glowing CBD oil reviews.

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And because we know there are folk out there still thinking ,  Does CBD really do anything ? we are not going to give you any facts or figures , no studies … just sharing 10 uses for Soothe CBD balm as found by our very own customers .

    1. Muscles - Whether it's over use at the gym , holding tension or general aches and pains , the use of CBD rub can help to relax the muscles and ease pain .
    2. Headaches - One of the most common uses from our customers , using the balm on places you hold tension such as your neck , shoulders , jaw can help to relax these muscles and ease your headache . Adding to the temples and forehead also helps with relief.
    3. TMJ disorder - Can cause symptoms such as Pain or tenderness of your jaw, Pain in one or both of the temporomandibular joints, Aching pain in and around your ear and facial pain. Customers have fed back that using Soothe CBD balm can help to ease these symptoms.products to use for meditation
    4. Meditation - The mix between Lavender and CBD in the Soothe balm creates a calming effect on the mind and body, making it the perfect accompaniment to your meditation practice.
    1. Spots - Not something any of us look forward to seeing appear right ? customers have reported that applying CBD balm on newly appearing spot has helped reduce size and redness.
    2. Dry skin - The wonderful mix of CBD , Jojoba , Vitamin E , Coconut and Avocado oil and gives our CBD balm its Soothe name , adding moisture to those stubborn areas of dryness. Our customers report seeing massive improvements in record time to areas of dry skin .
    3. Puffy eye reduction - After seeing how well Soothe CBD balm seems to work on so many other things , one customer tried some on there puffy eye bags after trying many anti-aging products to no avail and socked herself with the results . After which several other Soothe fans gave this a go with just as good results   
    4. Sleep - The relaxing effects of CBD teamed with that of Lavender make the perfect before bed treat , applying pressure points to help create a calming environment for a great night's sleep.
    5. Cold sores - Now this is one of my very own finds , after suffering with cold sores forever , and being a CBD lover it seemed a no brainer to give it a go on my next flare up and I have never been happier wht the results. Reducing the time of the cold sore healing massively as well as avoiding huge swelling and the awful scabby phase , it was a winner.
    6. Skin care - So many of our customers have saw  how wonderful Soothe CBD is for your skin, the all natural ingredients teamed with the highest quality CBD have been helping them to have brighter , plumper and smoother skin when using as part of their daily skin care regime.

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Every day our customers our finding amazing new ways to get the most from their Soothe CBD balm , so whether your now tempted to give it a go , or get some great new ideas on what you’ll be using your Soothe balm or about to find your own great new uses, we are excited to hear all about it .


As always Planthaya products are not intended to treat or cure any illnesses . You should always speak to your GP if you're taking any medications . We do not sell medical products nor are we medical professionals, all information shared here is feedback from customers and not supported by medical or professional studies.


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