Harmony | Starter Kit
Harmony | Starter Kit

Harmony | Starter Kit

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Starter Kit

Balance , Boost and Soothe are all amazing products individually , but bring them all together and you have complete Harmony. Our CBD products work perfectly with each other, so we have brought them together just for you. Your starter kit includes our complete range of full sized products.


Balance Drops

Balance CBD drops are a great way to create harmony in your mind and body , a great all round CBD product that creates balance inside out. With 16.6mg of CBD per serving it's a perfect product for starters , and with the ability to easily increase your CBD dose it also great for those who are keen CBD fans. Each drop is made with the highest quality CBD that nature has to offer , sourced from slow-grown Danish hemp harvested at peak bloom.


Boost Tablets .

Boost CBD tablets  are here to enhance, wether its your mood, sleep or your physical well-being these are the boost you are looking for. These CBD tablets are packed with premium, CBD-rich, full-spectrum industrial hemp. For those looking for convenience, tablets are the simplest way to get your daily dose of fiber and whole-plant nutrients. Compact, flavorless, and easy take on-the-go, our pre-measured capsules ensure consistency in your dosage. 


Soothe Balm With Lavender.

This Soothe CBD balm, does exactly what it says on the bottle, it is the perfect remedy to make headaches, muscle soreness, and achy joints disappear! Our thoughtful combination of natural ingredients include MCT oil, beeswax, and a dose of potent, non-GMO CBD. Created from our top-quality hemp, it's CBD topical with the potential to naturally relieve aches & pains with finesse. Harness the power of CBD for topical, all-natural relief and wellness.