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Simple to use.

How to use your CBD!

We all want it simple right , there is no need for unnecessary complications because life is complicated enough as it is.

So when creating our products, we listened to our customers . We listened to the questions we are asked every day, to ensure our products cut through the jargon and were simple to use.

Each person is different and each product is different. Just because Barbara at Tesco uses 3000mg 4 times a day doesn't mean that is what will work for you.


The key with CBD is start low and go slow. This will help you to find what works for you .

On each product page you will find the information needed to guide you through using the product.

But as we have said the over all rules are :

1. Start low , in the case of CBD bigger isn't always better.

2. Increase your dose slowly until you find that sweet spot that works for you.

3. Monitor how you feel and adjust your dose accordingly. Not feeling the effects? Higher the dose , feeling the effects too much? Lower the dose ? Feel great STOP right there , you've found the one for you .

 Its that simple.


Converting from another brand ?

All CBD is different, we pride ourselves in having the mg on the bottle guaranteed to be in the bottle .

 Check the mg per dose for your previous brand, and adjust your dose of Planthaya CBD to match .