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Choosing the right product for you .

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On a mission to make CBD Easy to choose 

Ok , so we hold our hands up, it is so easy to get lost trawling through the million CBD infused products, and actually thinking you need them all . 

Problem is after scrolling for hours , you become so over whelmed by choice you give up ... and miss out on those amazing benefits you were looking for!

We also found that , when speaking to customers , we were recommending the same products over and over again , we had a core range that covered the needs of everyone.

So..... we decided to keep is easy !

We went with a core range of 4 products  ( next product coming soon)

Balance -  Our 1000mg CBD drops for those that want a fast acting super versatile product. Drops are daily easily adjustable as you can take half or even quarter doses. meaning they are great for creating Balance in all parts of life wether its mind or body .

 - Our CBD capsules, for this that want convenience, who are perhaps not a fan of the flavour or texture of CBD drops. These capsules contain 5mg CBD on each one which means little thought is needed in taking your dose.  Whichever area of life needs a boost , from your immune  to your sleep or your mood to your energy levels, our Boost CBD cakes have you covered.

Soothe - Our CBD balm with added Lavender, for those looking for topical application. Wether its your skin or your muscles soothe has you covered.


So the question is ?


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What suits you ? Balance , Boost or Soothe.

Choosing a CBD product that works for you isn't always so simple . We have designed a simple product line , as our customers told us they were overwhelmed with the amount of CBD products on the market to choose from . But we wanted to do more than that , we are building a community, with resources to help you on any part of your wellness journey including this handy chart to point you in the right direction.