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Our Journey

How we started.

There was a point in life when adulting was really beginning to kick my a$£ , in a society where we can have it all my body didn't seem to get the memo. I developed an unhealthy strive , succeed,  crash and burn cycle, and at times I really thought there was something seriously wrong with me . Terrible memory , lack of focus, migraines , aches , pains but blood tests revealed nothing .

A friend suggested trying CBD and this was a turning point for me, I realised that my hectic lifestyle was causing havoc with my body and i needed a helping hand to re-balance, and thats exactly what CBD did. I felt the effects really quickly and after a few weeks of daily use i felt better than I had in a long time .


Im all about self-care , but i needed some self care that fitted in my bag and my lifestyle.


 This was were the problem lay, the technical jargon , the different strengths , conflicting information it was so hard to navigate the CBD market. We loved CBD so much we wanted to share it with everyone and began to sell products online produced by various brands.

Unfortnatley we watched our customers having the same issue I did in navigating products and information , to find what works for them.


And so the idea of Planthaya products was born.


  Green line to separate

Creating our products.

Farm to bottle.


 Planthaya products were born, after struggling myself to navigate the CBD market, after guiding many many customers to finding the perfect product for them and seeing what works and what for sure did not.

But as with any labour of love that was just the start.

After making this decision , we had to find a manufacturer to create our products, we wanted someone who loved CDB as much as us .

Planthaya cbdWe spoke to and had meetings with more companies than I care to recall, but although they were all great in there own ways, none of them ticked all the boxes for us.


In the end and by complete chance after really getting to a point when we would have to give up or compromise ( which made me want to cry) we came across a company that just felt right. 


This company had there very own farm, a family run farm in Scandinavia , they didn't buy in their Hemp from a distributer, they didn't use several different farms,
they seeded , grew and harvested there own hemp . This meant that the quality of the hemp in every harvest was exactly the same , giving us a consistency in every bottle.Hemp farm in the sunshine

The next thing that truly excited us was there was not a green house in sight !!!! All the hemp is slow grown in the Scandinavian sunshine, and all that Danish fresh air.


They harvest the crops at peak blossom using state-of-the-art farming techniques before gently storing them in a cool, dry space. Once the crops have been dried over a two month period, they granulate the whole plant to keep hemp's rich variety of health benefits intact.


Next the hemp is sent to just as sunny San Diego California, to be processed into the wonderful finished products. 


The gorgeous hemp is processed using CO2 extraction , CO2 extraction uses CO2 (Carbon Dioxide), compresses to a critical point (90 degrees Fahrenheit). If you recognise this chemical abbreviation, it's because we actually breathe CO2 out of our very own lungs.


We followed our hemp over to San Diego to meet with the team here , to discuss our product range.

We decided to keep our product line as simple as possible , we are trying to make CBD easy to choose and there is nothing easy about having to choose between 100 different products to find one that suits you.


Last but for sure not least was the labelling , we made sure we met the high standards set by the FSA ( Food Standard Agency) but we also wanted to make them clear , simple and easy to read.


We chose branded names for each of our products to indicate what they do best , because lets be honest , CBD oil , CBD Balm don't really tell us that they do ! We made it clear how much CBD is in each dose as this is what is the most important part , there may be 1000mg in a bottle , but we want to know what we are putting in out body right?


Because of the high quality of the CBD , the mg on the bottle is the mg in the bottle, keeping it simple.


We have spent a lot of time  working on our brand to create something that from seed to bottle is the highest quality. From picking the perfect ingredients to every single detail on the label to ensure they are easy to navigate.

And the result, a product that is simple to choose and easy to use.


We hope you love them as much as we do .



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